Phone Camera Lenses That You Should Pay Attention to

Camera Lens Kit by Zeso | Professional CPL, Macro Wide Angle Lenses

Specially designed and engineered to take your photos to a more professional level, this camera lens kit from Zeso comes complete with a tripod and a selfie remote control to get more enjoyment out of your phone’s built-in camera. The price is a bit higher than some other more basic kits, but considering what you get in return, it’s safe to say that it’s fully worth it.

Zeso offers a 3 in 1 kit with wide angle lens, macro lens, and a CPL polarizer filter. Let’s see what can each of these do for your images. The 0.45X wide angle lens can help you capture a much bigger field of view which can significantly increase the quality of your selfies among many other types of shoots.

The 15X macro lens allows you to shoot close-up photos and explore some hidden depths. The massive level of magnification can make a real difference when you’re trying to capture all those particular details and textures of small objects. Lastly, there is a 37mm CPL polarizer filter which creates a light scattering effect for obtaining the clearest pictures possible. There are some interesting goodies in this pack. One of them is the multi-functional tripod that’s useful for a more stable way to take pictures and shoot videos. It’s sufficiently compact and lightweight and has a universal cell phone mount adapter.

Thanks to the Wireless Remote Control, your selfies will be great every time. It also helps with taking steady tripod shots and it’s incredibly easy to set up. Another nice addition is the plastic clip for managing a quick connection without damaging your phone. The rimmed glass can significantly reduce light reflection around the edge of the lens.

This Zeso kit boasts an impressive collection of items intended for the hobbyist who wants to expand the potential of photos taken with a smartphone. Considering the excellent quality of the lenses and the generous amount of handy accessories, this is one of the best products for obtaining amazing photo results.

Cell Phone Camera Zoom Lens Kit, 4 in 1 HD 12X Optical Telescope Zoom Lens

With four great lenses in one single package, this Zwish kit is focusing on improving the quality of mobile photography with some neat effects. There is quite a wide range of compatible devices as the clip-on design ensures a simple attachment with almost all smartphones. At this price point, this lens kit is definitely a bargain. Here’s why this is such an attractive choice.

The main highlight from the pack is the 12X optical zoom telephoto lens that’s able to turn distant targets into a true form. Similarly to a monocular telescope, it can be removed and used as a standalone telescopic lens to watch football games or distant wildlife and scenery. Shooting far away objects clearly is much easier thanks to this powerful telephoto lens.

The 0.63X wide angle lens work the best for shooting a larger portion of scenery like long cityscapes. It works nicely for group shots too. In order to get better results, you need to be in a reasonably wide area to effectively use the wide angle lens.

A fisheye lens is another addition which will give a cool round effect to your images, similar to a fishbowl. The possibilities for capturing some really amazing shots with this lens are endless. Zwish also provides a macro lens with a 15X magnifying power to take detailed photos of small objects.

Regarding the wide angle and the macro lenses, these are delivered in a 2 in 1 set. They are screwed together for a more simpler way to store them. For using the macro lens, you only need to unscrew the wide angle ones. The construction of the lenses is not that sturdy as they are made of plastic and aluminum alloy. This is not an issue given the price, if you prefer lenses made with metal that have some weighty feel, then you should probably look for a more expensive kit.

Looking back over the quality items from this kit by Zwish, the final conclusion leans on a positive note. All the lenses in this package are working in a very reliable manner and provide a surprising level of quality to your photos, especially the telephoto lens which is probably the most interesting from the kit. The price is more than reasonable for what you get so this kit obtains a full recommendation for those who want more out of their built-in camera.

ClipityPix 5 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, and others

Another great set of lenses, this time a 5 in 1 kit, comes from ClipityPix and is geared towards casual hobbyists wishing to add a little spice to their smartphone photos. The price is quite affordable for such a considerably large set and the quality seems pretty much on par with what you pay for.

Packed in a neat little case, you have many types of lenses suitable for a multitude of situations. Besides the usual wide angle, fisheye, and macro lens, you can discover two telephoto lenses and a CPL lens. The telephoto lens is useful for taking distance shots and the CPL one has a special polarizing filter which eliminates some of that reflection and gives you a clearer picture.

The 198-degree fisheye lens is perfect for obtaining those funny circular photos and the 0.63X wide lens can extend your perspective a bit, to capture more objects from a wide area. Finally, the macro lens with 15X magnifying power should enhance the details of small objects that you want to take pictures of.

ClipityPix ensures a high level of compatibility with these lenses though it’s worth noting that this set is not suited for dual camera lens phones. Another thing to keep in mind is that the macro and the wide angle lenses are attached and have to be separated when you want to use the macro lens.

There’s not much else to add about this fancy kit except that it costs very little for what an impressive array of lenses it provides. Excellent for events and group shots, these phone camera lenses are one of the best at creating quality photos that last a long time.

Phone Camera Lens 3 In 1 Kit, 180 Degree Fisheyes Lens

For all those who don’t think that you should sacrifice a huge budget for such a simple accessory, this 3 in 1 phone camera lens kit from YIEASY is an excellent option. With such a low cost and being so simple to use, these lenses will redefine the way you take pictures with your smartphone making it a much more enjoyable experience.

The primary attraction when it comes to the lenses from this pack is definitely the 0.4X wide angle one. It can bring a new perspective into your photos allowing you to capture a very large view of the scenery. It’s rare to see such a capable lens at this price point. Another lens in the kit is the 180-degree fisheye lens useful for taking cool round images perfect for certain situations. The macro lens is the last one found in this kit and has a decent amount of magnifying power (10X).

In terms of durability, the construction of the lenses is pretty good, with aluminum materials for the frame and ABS for the clip that keeps the optical elements fixated on your device. They designed the clip with a silicon pad to make sure that your smartphone doesn’t get scratched and can slide easily. The clip has a low profile and should be compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. To increase the viewing angle, the wide angle and the macro lenses are connected together but you can easily separate them.

If you a have a passion for taking photos with your smartphone and need some easy-to-use multifunctional lenses, this pack will fit you like a glove. If you line them up correctly, you can create some beautiful pictures with amazing clarity. Just for the wide angle lens, this kit is absolutely worth the money.